Book Update

Some of you have noticed that several of my titles have gone undercover. The current unavailable list includes:

Kissing Cowboys

Cowboy Crush

Don’t Tell

G.I. Jamie

On Your Knees, Soldier

I’m sorry they aren’t available right now but the good news is…they will be back.

I’m currently working on Cowboy Crush and Kissing Cowboys and those will hopefully be back up before the end of the year.

The G.I. Jamie series is getting a complete overhaul. I started a serial a long time ago and no one was quite sure what to do with it. Now that serials are popping up more and more its high time I finish mine. Look for the first installment, which will get a new name with the series title of G.I. Jamie, in early 2013.

I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with Don’t Tell. With the repeal of DADT, a story that centered around two heroes and their DADT issues, no longer felt quite right. I would like to rewrite it and republish it though. Either way, I’ll let you know.

After a long period of not writing much, I am working my way back and hope to get some new stories out to you in 2013 as well.


Thanks so much for your questions and emails.



Naughty After Dark Hop!

Welcome to the Naughty After Dark Hop. There are over 100 authors participating in this exciting event with so many prizes for you to win. The hosts of this fabulous event are Close Encounters with the Night Kind and Natasha Blackthorne. Thank you for organizing such a fun hop!

What can you win from me you ask? 1 of my eBooks, winners choice from all that are available. (check the book tab up top to see them all.)  How about some sexy m/m cowboys? Or maybe you like your military heroes menage style… It’s your choice. All of my books are naughty 😉 The winner will be announced shortly after the blog hop ends on February 22nd.

To win all you have to do is leave me a comment on the blog with an email so I can contact you. And tell me…

What’s the last naughty book you read?

Cowboy Six

After a couple of weeks off from Six Sentence Sunday, I’ve returned. Albeit late thanks to me checking PM instead of AM on my post. *headdesk*

I was watching the live stream of Rodeo Houston yesterday so I definitely have cowboys on the brain and have decided to pull six sentences from Kissing Cowboys. With any luck I’ll be back to writing Buckle Down this week and can have more from that story for you next week.

I’m including the picture I used to model Jacob after in this story.

My First Six from Kissing Cowboys:

“Damn it, Jacob, don’t look at me like that.” JT sat in the dirt, covered with dust. His ankle throbbed. Without even trying to put weight on his foot, he knew his leg was jacked up. “Fuck.”

Jacob Cordero stood propped against the fence, watching him with the beginning of an I-told-you-so grin tugging at his lips.

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Six Sunday – Happy Anniversary!

Join the Six Sunday celebration and comment to win a whole host of prizes. While I’ve only been doing this for a few months its been a year since it all began. Happy Anniversary to the original Six Sunday posters! To learn more about the list of prizes being given away including an ebook copy of my own Southern Comfort, be sure to click on the six sunday logo or the anniversary graphic. 🙂

Things have been really slow on the writing front. The day job has been keeping me super busy but I hope to get back to my yummy cowboys soon. So today I’m going to bring you my six from my most recent release, Old School. Enjoy!

My Slightly More Than Six:

“This place sure hasn’t changed much.”

Levi glanced at Jack. “I think that’s the point. There’s something to be said for the saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.”

“There have been a few changes.” Both Jack and he turned in the direction of Erin’s voice.

If Levi lived to be an old man spending his afternoon sitting in a rocker rambling on about the past, he’d never forget the sight in front of him each and every time. Erin stood in the doorway in a fucking schoolgirl uniform. And not your everyday garden- variety uniform. Oh no. This had to have come straight from Strippers ’R’ Us.

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Six Sentence Sunday – More Cowboys

It’s that time again and since life got in the way of writing this week, I’m going back a little in the Cowboy WIP, Buckle Down.

But first a picture of my latest obsession, Garrett Hedlund from Country Strong.

My Six:

Despite every warning sounding through his head, Dane grabbed the younger man by the nape and slanted his mouth over the most delectable lips he’d ever seen. Tyler groaned in response and opened to Dane’s kiss.

The minute Dane got a taste of the man he craved, all his good intentions fled. Hot lust swept through every fired up cell he possessed. An out of control animalistic need roared to life, promising them both a night not to be forgotten. With tongues tangling Dane could hardly think straight. His dick turned rock hard and painful confined in his jeans, while his fingers grabbed onto handfuls of Tyler’s golden hair.

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Country Strong – A Sort Of Review

I finally got a chance to go see Country Strong last week with a girlfriend. I seriously thought I was going to have to go see it by myself because I couldn’t seem to talk anyone into going with me. Apparently this movie is everyone’s Kryptonite. LOL  Fortunately a friend took pity on me and we went. It was a mid week afternoon and there were only 2 other people in the theater. Probably not a good sign but I didn’t think much of it considering the entire mall looked empty.

When I sat down to watch this movie I knew absolutely nothing about it beyond what I had seen in the movie trailers and the noticeably absent mention of this movie in any way on Twitter. I figured either it was bad or no one wanted to see it but I made sure not to look up reviews on it because I didn’t want my impression to be clouded.

See the trailer HERE.

A week after I’ve seen the movie and I still don’t think I can tell you whether I thought it was good or bad. There was a hot cast of characters, fun country music, cliches galore, the sexiest male performance I’ve seen in a very long time, plot holes to leave you frustrated and the most messed up set of characters to make you laugh, cry and cringe.

As a writer I did enjoy the messy realism these characters portrayed on screen. I found myself saying more than once “my editor would never let me get away with that.” LOL Still, I got invested in these very flawed characters and was enjoying the movie quite a bit until the end. (I’d think this says a lot about the quality of the acting in this movie despite the script flaws) This might be too spoilery for some but I can’t not say it. The ending sucked bad.

I am at heart a romance writer and crave a happy ending or at least the alluding to one. From the movie trailers this movie looked like a great come-back story. It’s not. I won’t say exactly what happens but many of you can guess. Maybe if I’d had an inkling to how this movie would turn out I wouldn’t be so upset, but I left the theater stunned and stayed that way for quite a while.

I made myself think about it and from a writers perspective the ending made sense to me. Not to mention when you make the kinds of life altering mistakes these characters did it’s only right to show the consequences. We all know life is messy and often not pretty. Bad things happen and many books and movies push a happy ending over logic all the time. But I also know that when your gut tells you that you have to write that hard emotional ending, you’d better come to the table expecting a lot of people to not be happy about it.

In the end, I absolutely do not regret seeing it. Had I not gone I would have missed the absolutely amazing breakout performance by Garrett Hedlund who I’d never even heard of. Had I not seen it I would have not been inspired by this man for a whole new story. Hell, he might serve as writing inspiration for quite some time.

My Favorite line in the movie:

“Love and fame can’t live together.”

The bottom line for me is that when it comes out on video I will be watching it again and maybe again. At least now I know how it ends so I can go in expecting it.

Another Six Sunday

This week was another busy 7 days of writing on Buckle Down. I added about 8000 words and hope to add more in the coming days.

This week’s six is more from that story. Of course after this brief break for a hot football guy, since I think most of the country is gearing up for the Superbowl tonight.

“Where to now?” Tyler fastened his seat buckle and adjusted his hat against the setting sun.

One glance at Tyler’s steady blue eyes and Dane lost his train of thought. How about straight to bed? Dane recoiled at the voice in his head. He tightened his grip on the steering wheel until his knuckles went white. Thank God he’d had the foresight not to say that out loud. Despite the slippery slope of his thoughts, there wasn’t much else he could do to stall the inevitable.

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